Writing Tasks

Grade 6-9

Read the text and answer the questions
                     Why Bamboo Clothing  Are Worth Appreciating
Bamboo, easily found in almost part of the world, has currently played its great role in supplying materials for clothing, home decors, souvenir and accessories, and building construction. Bamboo is widely known as a tribe of green plants in the family of grass plantation.  It can live either on low land or on plateu making it easy to recognize.  This plantation is made up of several types which bear different use. For instance, Wuluh Bamboo,  which is dark in color and with smooth texture, is commonly used to make benches, chairs,  beds, and other furniture. Petung Bamboo, which looks strong and is heavily built, is mostly used to provide house builders with materials for poles and pillars. Apus Bamboo functions differently from the previous ones. People use it to make a rope for fastening furniture.
Currently, there have been an increasing demand for bamboo while many keep depending on such a harder material as wood.  This indicates that this plantation is worth considering in use not only to anticipate the decrease in the number of wood supplies but, more importantly, due to its endurance as well. Owing to its sustainability, it is made alternatives for cotton and textile  in the production of clothes.  To some nations it can be a new way of producing clothes, but for many, such bamboo clothing are already their style.  Their testimony has proved to ensure that wearing bamboo clothes gives better taste and feels.
Both supporters and opponents to the idea  bamboo clothing have their  bitter arguments.  Green  ecology practitioners  said massive production of bamboo clothing means  instant devastating of greeny grass plantation that needs to conserve. In addition, it might take relatively longer time to make a single plant to grow, a case which does not ever happen to cotton plantation. They suggest to use bamboo just to some extent like for home d├ęcor, partly for house construction, and traditional music instruments.  Those who agree come up with an argument that bamboo is a material with tough texture and and can last long. Its fibers  give impression of strength and durability. Apart from this, it is to diverse the use of the plantation and provide you with alternatives for textile and cotton which increasingly grow expensive.
No matter what people say, bamboo clothing have been in community and are considered good products to shop.  Related to how to process the fabric, a special preparation should be made in terms of technical issues since it is more complicated to process than other materials. Experts in this area need to  give special training to fabric workers.  Likewise, introduction to the machinery use should intensively be given. In practice, a tailor will need a tailoring machine which fits best to the hard materials. However, processing this fabric gives good prospect for future business since bamboo clothing are in high demand.  Wearing a T-shirt  made from bamboo materials gives one a special sense of pride as expressed by a consumer.

1.      What do people use bamboo to do as stated in paragraph 1?
2.      Which paragraph tells about bamboo as supplies for clothing material?
3.      What do the pros say to argue that bamboo is good for clothing?
4.      Are people familiar with bamboo clothing? State your arguments!


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